Organic Gluten Free Chapati Flour



  • Organic and Gluten Free: Just Organik Gluten-free Chapati flour is a flour-mix made from Amaranth, Sorghum, Chickpeas, Brown Rice and Barnyard Millet. All of these grains are naturally gluten-free and are loaded with many nutrients and health benefits.
  • A healthier choice: Rich source of dietary fiber, proteins, complex-carbohydrates and antioxidants. Gluten-free chapati flour is an excellent option for people who cannot tolerate gluten due to celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Consuming gluten can cause inflammation in their small intestine, which can lead to various health problems.
  • Soft and Fluffy Chapatis: Amaranth and Sorghum enriches the flour with calcium, iron and beneficial peptides while Barnyard millet and Brown rice add the properties of zinc, manganese and B-complex vitamins in it. Chickpeas not only enhance the overall protein content, along with other grains, but also help the flour-mix to bind together, resulting in a soft and fluffy texture of the chapatis.
  • Sustainable farming practices: All the ingredients that constitute Just Organik Gluten-free Chapati Flour are sourced from verified Organic farmers across India and grown through sustainable practices. It is, therefore, a healthy, nutritive, tasty and safe choice for everyone.
  • About the Brand: Just Organik stands for just and ethical supplies of organic products. We sanitize the whole process, right from promoting sustainable farming practices to making healthy food items more accessible to people. Just Organik products are chemical free and are certified as per India Organic, USDA and EU standards.
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